Ephemeral Artifacts

June 24 - 26th | Looping between 9:30pm - 11pm

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Ephemeral Artifacts. An Anandam Dancetheatre production in association with Theatre Passe Muraille

This edition of Ephemeral Artifacts is conceived as a 4 channel video, light and sonic installation on the outside of our historic building — and features Tap Dancer Travis Knights in a sustained state of reflection and gratitude toward The DaNcE* and the people who helped to shape it with their passion.

In doing so, this edition of Ephemeral Artifacts draws from ĀNANDAṀ’s interdisciplinary practices, and moves the “body” to the exterior of the Theatre Passe Muraille building, a venue with a history and commitment to alternative theatre that reaches beyond spaces, even during its absence.

This is an outdoor installation — The TPM building will turn into an outdoor installation, illuminated every night from June 24-26 from 9:30pm – 11pm. There are no tickets or registration required to view it. We strongly encourage visitors to keep safe distances and follow public health & safety protocols as dictated by the province.

People socially distance as they watch the building illuminate in front of a golden hour sky

Photo by Dahlia Katz

Poster of Ephemeral Artifacts is against a white background. An image of TPM building has a dancer projected across the four windows.


Co-Choreographer, Composer, Performer, Sound designer

Travis Knights

Lighting Designed by

Siobhán Sleath

Sculpture by

Nithya Garg

Co-Choreographer, Director, Dramaturge

Brandy Leary

Videography by

Robert Kingsbury


TPM Accessibility Team

ASL Interpretation for Ephemeral Artifacts is provided with the generous support of Ontario Arts Council.

Lead Developer

Jacob Niedzwiecki

Associate Developer and Project Coordinator

Nicole Eun-Ju Bell

Deaf Community Consultant

Jenelle Rouse

Deaf Interpreter

Thurga Kanagasekarampillai

ASL Interpreter

Marcia Adolphe Martins

ASL Interpreter

Emma Dehez

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