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by Tristan R. Whiston and Moynan King | A ReDefine Arts and Theatre Passe Muraille Co-Production

Tristan R. Whiston | Photo by Henry Chan

Co-Creator and Performer

Tristan R. Whiston

Co-Creator and Director

Moynan King


Anna Camilleri

Production Manager/ Lighting Designer

Charissa Wilcox

Stage Manager

Becky Gold

Video Designer

Jeremy Mimnagh

Set Designer

Trixie and Beever

Costume Design

Jasmine King

Sound Designer/ Composition

Tristan R. Whiston & Moynan King

Stand-Up Coach

Dawn Whitwell

Still Photography

Henry Chan

Access Consultant

Alex Bulmer

The Epic Choir of Traceland

Arin Klein
Annanda DeSilva
Celina Carroll 
Eli Holliday
Gehan Udayanga 
Isabella Cavalheiro-Chin 
Kay Jones
Megan Wilk 
Nigel Wynne 
Riley Kelk 
Theo Ryan
Van Ward
Wy Joung Kou  
Zena Lord


House Technician: David Fisher

Crew: Matty Armour, JD Darawi, Nathan Gregory, Ian Kelly, Elio Legault, Dan Lei, Lindsay McDonald, Connor Price-Kelleher, Evelyn Rensing, Chris Sutherland, Rian Tran

Visual Story

To access the visual story, please click the button below. A Visual Story is a package that aims to support people with communication difficulties, learning disabilities, English as a second language and Autistic People. It can be used to help anyone access and understand the play. The package may include spoilers.

Note from our Artistic Producer

When we opened this season we were ready. We were ready for what the future would bring. The pandemic taught us that we were to never take anything for granted. And also it prepared us to be ready for change and for any eventuality.

During the pandemic, we had to learn to accept constant change in front of our very own eyes. Sometimes this change was challenging and frustrating and at other times the change was exactly what we needed and gave us a feeling of elation. Our work, just like this season is constantly in a process of change and growth. There is nothing static about what we do. Embracing the unknown and change can be such a beautiful thing. Because it ultimately helps us grow. 

Indrit Kasapi is a white man with shaved head and beard. He smiles in front of TPM

It is not a surprise that we arrive at the end of our season with the multilayered Trace by Tristan R Whiston and Moynan King. The piece will make us ponder on the ever evolving journey of change within the queer community. Within my queerness, I think about the actual name the community even wants to call itself. An evolution from just a few letters (LGBT) to even more letters (2SLGBTTQQ+) and a myriad of other versions of it. For some they simply encapsulate it within the word “queer” and yet that word is a very challenging and difficult to accept for a certain generation as it was used to discriminate them and other them. How do we find a sense of community then? How do we allow for a multiplicity of experiences to coexist? Trace reminds us that we are more than just three dimensional and that time defines our identity in various ways. We are not static. And more importantly, just like the trans/non-binary/gender-queer choir you will witness tonight, we are beautiful and undefined! 

Thank you for joining us this season! I hope you have grown and changed with us!

Indrit Kasapi | Artistic Producer, TPM

Note from the Creators

Trace began as an immersive sound-based performance in 2012, and, at that time, we were working with the idea of Tristan’s voice in the process of gender transition as a symbol of change. We started to consider the question of how one might reconcile all of their past selves with who they are now and who they hope to become; a question that quickly morphed into a foundational thesis: How do we, as humans, find harmony with our ever-evolving selves?

The original show, entitled trace (lower case) was presented at Wychwood Barns with the support of FADO Performance Art and NAISA Sound Art. That installation featured three changing huts (the ones you will see in this show) and ten speakers. The speakers were positioned throughout the space, where the audience could walk amongst them and have an immersive sound-art experience composed of material drawn exclusively from Tristan’s voice before, during, and after gender transition.

That show toured to Whitehorse, Dawson City, Yellowknife, Regina and Montreal in 2015.

Then, our huts, speakers, plinths, miles of cabling, multiple rolls of tape, a white linen suit and Panama hat, and a tiny box Sun-Maid raisins went into storage, where they patiently wait, safely contained in their two large travel crates…until now.

When Theatre Passe Muraille invited us to remount trace (lower case) as part of the 2022-23 season we were deeply honoured and excited. And then, we quickly realized that we needed to tear the whole thing apart and remake it in a new way for a new time because, it is, after all, a show about change. In this iteration, we dove deeper into the past (by invoking The Boychoir of Lesbos (1994 – 2006), created by Tristan and co-realized by Moynan, as an expression of the ways that the voice can extend and realize gender identification), and then situated ourselves in the present with a newly realized trans/non-binary/gender-queer choir (The Epic Choir of Traceland) that reflects the changing nature of queer community, identity, and belonging.

In the process of turning the installation performance known as trace (lower case) into an experimental stage performance now called Trace (capitalized), we realized, together that this work has always been and so remains a Work in Progress.

We’d just like to thank you for coming tonight so see our show.

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Tristan R. Whiston + Moynan King

ReDefine Arts (established in 2005 as Red Dress Productions) creates and presents interdisciplinary and community grounded performance, installations and public artworks that advance disability justice, collaborative processes, and artistic innovation.

Alongside its collaborators, community members and partners, ReDefine Arts is re-defining what it means to be an artist. ReDefine Arts views the artist as a creator and visionary, and also: co-creator, listener, connector of ideas, guide, and choreographer. While there is space for this definition to grow in tandem with our work, core to this understanding is that the artist’s role is to facilitate community-centred practices that remain accountable to the artistry, the stories, and the people telling them.

Ryan Hayward, Diane Frankling Co-operative Homes, Coman Poon,  Arcadia Housing Co-op, Dafydd Hughes, Sherry Hay, Shannon Cochrane, FADO Performance Art, NAISA (New Adventures in Sound Art), Darren Copeland, Adrien Whan, Video Fag, Studio 303, YK ARCC, (S)hiver Arts Festival, The Canada Council for the Arts, The Ontario Arts Council, The Boychoir of Lesbos, Trisha Lamie, Eryn Dace Trudell, Gwyneth Baillie and Leslie Peters.


Moynan King is a performer, director, curator, writer, and scholar. She was the recipient of a 2020 Canadian Screen Award for her writing on CBC’s Baroness von Sketch Show on which she also made regular appearances. She is the author of six plays, and the creator of many performances including TRACE with Tristan Whiston. Moynan was the co-founder and director of the Hysteria Festival, the co-director of the Rhubarb! Festival (for four years) and has been the curator of multiple cabaret events including Cheap Queers. As an Assistant Artistic Director and Associate Artist at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre for a total nine years, they developed such works as The Beauty Salon and Bathory among many others. Moynan holds a PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies from York University. Her critical writing on theatre and performance is widely published and they are the editor of Queer Performance: Women and Trans Artists (CTR 149), Queer/Play: An Anthology of Queer Women’s Performance and Plays, and co-editor of Sound & Performance (CTR 184) with Megan Johnson. Currently Moynan is a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Western Ontario working with Dr. Spy Dénommé-Welch on a sound-based research project entitled Queer Resonance. Moynan is thrilled to be part of the Theatre Passe Muraille season!

Tristan R. Whiston is a multi-disciplinary artist who has worked in Toronto’s arts community for over 30 years as a director, dramaturge, writer, performer, teacher and community artist. His work as an audio artist has gained him international acclaim and attention – he wrote and directed five audio documentaries for CBC; most notably, his work, Middle C, won the 2007 Premios Ondas Award for International Radio. Tristan collaborated with Moynan King on an integrated art and sound performance piece called trace, which was co-presented by ReDefine Arts and FADO in association with New Adventures in Sound Art in August, 2012 and toured Canada in 2015. Trace was featured in the Fall 2020 edition of Canadian Theatre Review journal. As Artistic Co-Director of ReDefine Arts, Tristan has co-led 30+ community-engaged arts projects including Drift Seeds, (a site-specific performance with a cast of 150+) and co-created numerous interdisciplinary arts projects including May I Take Your Arm and Where There is Smoke. Recently, Tristan was dramaturge on the dance-theatre production Dancing With the Universe by Vivian Chong and Kathleen Rea that premiered at the Harbourfront Centre’s CoMotion: International Festival of Disability Arts.

Creative Team

Becky Gold is a Toronto-based theatre practitioner specializing in accessible and collaborative creation practices and is currently in the final stages of completing her PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies at York University. She is excited to be stage managing this new iteration of Trace in 2023, at a time when celebrating stories and experiences from the trans, non-binary and gender-queer communities feels especially important.

Jasmine King is a queer sewist and costume designer. Clothing and design have been an important part of her expression since her teens and she has been developing her skills in pattern making, alterations, repairs and design ever since. Jasmine has been a costume design assistant for works including Bella Wild and CBC’s Baroness von Sketch Show.

Over the last 10 years, Jeremy Mimnaugh has been involved in still photography, film, AR, projection, and sound works that ask unanswerable questions contending with, and relevant to, living in this world today – with all that is broken. From a film delving into the impossibility of acquiring a culture, to performance works exploring the limits of memory, the inherent generational difference relative to lived experience, and the irreversible human impact on the natural world, these collaborations have sought to have their audiences consider deeply a vast constellation of unknowns.

Trixie & Beever are a proudly indie, multi-faceted creative duo – and a branding nightmare. Together they have created installations, performances, set designs, mixed-media pieces and a couple of messy studio floors.

They have worked together since the last millennium on their handmade accessory and décor line BBJ (Pop Merch), and have added customizable apparel design to their creative toolkit. Ange Beever is also a painter who uses existing art/décor as a base for additions and absurd juxtapositions, as well as doing scenic paint work at prop shop Killer Greens, and for the film and tv industry.

Charissa Wilcox has spent the last couple decades working at the Iconic Queer Canadian Art Organization, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre (BIBT) as the Head of Production. Throughout her freelance career she has worked with such companies as Aluna Theatre, Tapestry, Modern Times, New Harlem Productions and Nightwood Theatre. Charissa is also the Artistic Producer and co-founder of FLYING SOLO and the lead designer and fabricator of FLYING SOLO’s cutting edge circus apparatuses.  Charissa is thrilled to be a part of the production TRACE.

The Epic Choir of Traceland, created specifically for this new iteration of Trace, is proudly composed of trans, non-binary, & gender-queer singers. This choir is a contemporary re-imagination of The Boychoir of Lesbos, created by Tristan and co-realized by Moynan, that performed in Toronto and beyond for over ten years. As a reimagined entity, The Epic Choir of Traceland reflects the ever changing nature of queer community, identity, and belonging, while continuing to sing like angels!

Available Now! Digital Audio Experience: Year of the Cello

The Cultch’s RE/PLAY: Digital Playground and Theatre Passe Muraille Presentation

Adapted from the Theatre Passe Muraille and Music Picnic world premiere co-production, co-created by TPM Artistic Director Marjorie Chan and Njo Kong Kie, this audio work has been created with binaural sound to give a surround listening experience of the play.

Tickets are pay-what-you-can-afford between $0 ~ $20.

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