Theatre Beyond Walls

Theatre Passe Muraille (TPM) is Canada’s original alternative theatre company

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20.21 Season

Tickets for 11:11 and Speculation is going on sale Dec 15. Click here to see all shows in our 20.21 season

Visual Description of video: The video begins with two bars opening up against a red background, reading "Theatre Beyond Walls". Following, quick scenes flash past the screen to the beat. First scene, closeup of legs, counting beats with tap shoes. Second, Samson who is a performer from South Africa, picks up and drops a bag, which is used for bone reading, on the ground. Third, closeup of hands holding onto a white cane. Fourth, a performer leaning onto her white cane. Next, a scene with a dancer against a blood red background turns, cuts fast into a scene of a performing playing her violin. The scenes repeat to the beat until the end where we introduce the shows: 11:11 by Samson Bonkeabantu Brown, Speculation by Leslie Ting, Ephemeral Artifacts by Brandy Leary & Travis Knights, Toka by Indrit Kasapi, May I Take Your Arm by Alex Bulmer, Tristan R Whiton, Anna Camilleri & Katie Yealland, Paprika Festival. Scenes slide again and the video ends with a hashtag against a red background: NavigatingTheNow. End credits: Season Sponsor TD Ready Commitment. Video by Hoffworks, Music by Kejd Kuqo.

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A vibrant image of theatre passe muraille building against sky with a big cloud. The building is made of bricks, and have red linings and a red door. Red banner in the front reads Theatre Passe Muraille

TPM is a registered Canadian charity. Your support makes it possible for us to plan ahead with confidence and support the exciting artists who are part of our season.

Your donation not only allows marginalized, relevant and emerging voices to be seen on our stages, it helps us to offer additional programs to emerging artists free of charge. It also helps us with welcoming all audience members within our walls by offering engaging community programs, keeping our ticket prices accessible, and offering accessibility initiatives that remove barriers for diverse communities to come enjoy live theatre.

Help us #NavigateTheNow.