20.21 Season

11:11 title at top in red with a green background, two characters in strong poses holding a stick. One is crouched with a baseball hat on and the stick pointing striaight. The other is standing tall with their arms above their head and the stick going out of the frame to the left.

A Theatre Passe Muraille Production

Where the spirit world and the real world meet, lies a world unapologetically crafted and performed by critically acclaimed trans identified artist, Samson Bonkeabantu Brown. 11:11 explores the other side of fear through the eyes of a young, Black transman struggling to understand the ancestral messages saturating his dreams.

A Theatre Passe Muraille presentation of a Leslie Ting Production

In Speculation, Leslie Ting, a former optometrist and now a professional violinist, presents a theatrical concert, taking the audience through her mother’s loss of vision, and eventual passing, created through projection and music from both Beethoven & John Cage.

Ephemeral Artifacts poster with title at top in red, blue background, and performer in expressive tap dancing positions with a knee up and arms out to his sides.

An Anandam Dancetheatre Production in association with Theatre Passe Muraille

Ephemeral Artifacts confronts the clichés associated with tap dance, exposing the racialized history that continues to affect us today. Exploring the indelible connection of jazz, and tap carried through Black bodies, Travis Knights draws us in with his signature style and challenges the status quo.

A Theatre Passe Muraille & lemonTree creations Co-Production

Toka tells the story of siblings who wrestle with a long-standing land dispute that has resulted in generational death after death, and is threatening to come to a brutal climax. This startling work of physical theatre about modern-day blood feuds in post-Communist Albania is delicate, evocative and heart-breaking.

May I take Your Arm? title in red on a green background. Image of woman walking, wearing sunglasses and with her cane sweeping the ground to the left in front of her.

A Theatre Passe Muraille and Red Dress Productions Co-Production with the support of Common Boots Theatre

In a downtown Toronto neighbourhood, Blind artist Alex Bulmer takes the arm of community members. Together, they walk, listen, and share stories of place. Experience their journeys through these interdisciplinary portraits that consider the past, illuminate the present, and evoke possible futures.

in Partnership with Theatre Passe Muraille

Celebrating the 20th anniversary, this unique performing arts festival, which celebrates the work of young and emerging artists, will take over the entire theatre, with panels/discussions, performances and readings. This partnership is part of our broader curatorial philosophy in order to diversify the entry points to the art on our stages.

Bold all caps font "TOURING"
Horizontal Ephemeral Artifacts poster image with image of man in dynamic tap dancing position.

Ephemeral Artifacts

April 2021

M.A.I (Montréal, arts interculturels)

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11:11, Toka, May I Take Your Arm? Photo Credit: Dahlia Katz  |  Speculation Photo Credit: Melissa Sung  |  Ephemeral Artifacts Photo Credit: Damian Siqueiros  |  Paprika Photo Credit: Julie Phan & Dinaly Tran

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