The Year of the Cello

by Marjorie Chan and Njo Kong Kie | A Theatre Passe Muraille and Music Picnic Co-Production

Wen, played by Rong Fu, is sitting on the floor holding onto a metal ledge as she listens to the cellist, played by Bryan Holt, play the cello. Warm lights shine on the performers.

Photo by Dahlia Katz | In the photo: Bryan Holt, Rong Fu | Production design by Echo Zhou

“The Cello, relentless, eternal, infinite in its beauty. I want to drown in its sound”

Wen and her friend Li-An are forever changed by their encounter with the Cellist, whose music unlocks all that was left unspoken. Co-created by Marjorie Chan and Njo Kong Kie, The Year of the Cello is told poetically, alongside live cello music culminating in a lament for loves lost, and a Hong Kong that once was.

Show Runs

October 15 to 29, 2022

Runtime: 60 minutes


In-person: Theatre Passe Muraille (16 Ryerson Avenue) Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace

Digital: Binaurial Audio experience



$10 | $30 | $60


Marjorie Chan
Njo Kong Kie
Writer & Director
Marjorie Chan
Composer, Sound Designer & Musical Director
Njo Kong Kie
Assistant Director
Keshia Palm
Production Designer
Echo Zhou
Matt McGeachy
Additional Dramaturgy
Indrit Kasapi
Karthy Chin
Stage Manager
Michael Panich
Accessibility Dramaturgy
Jess Watkin
Accessibility Consultant
Vivian Chong
Rong Fu | Wen
Bryan Holt | Cellist
Brendan Rogers | Cellist
Keshia Palm | Wen (Understudy)

*The Cellist will be played by two performers on alternating days 

*This production features compositions by Njo Kong Kie and the music of Johann Sebastian Bach

*Keshia Palm will be playing the role of Wen on Sat Oct 29th at 2:00pm

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Tickets & Show times

Running October 15 — 29 at Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace Theatre! For any inquiries, please leave a message for our Box Office staff at 416.504.7529 or by email at

The Year of the Cello by Marjorie Chan and Njo Kong Kie. Marjorie is sitting and smiling in her turquoise dress and black pattern and Kong Kie is standing behind her with a white sweater and red glasses on a black & white old image showing the view of a big mountain and some buildings and houses below, like that of old hong kong.

Tickets are now on sale! See our Box Office page for details, and to see which performer is playing The Cellist on which days.

This production is Blind-friendly.

This is a relaxed run.

There is also a Digital audio version available. Created with binaural sound, the recording will give a 360 degrees listening experience of the play.

More accessibility details to be confirmed soon!

If you would like information on the topics or themes in our productions, or to determine the suggested age for attending a performance, please reach out to our Box Office staff at 416.504.7529 or by email at

The production is presented in-person in a relaxed format and will also offer a digital audio-only experience created with binaural sound technology, providing a 360-degree listening experience of the play. Binaural recording is a method of recording and arranging sound that creates an immersive 3-D stereo environment; it is best experienced through the use of headphones.

The Digital version will be available after the in-person run, and will be presented in collaboration with The Cultch’s RE/PLAY: Digital Playground. More details about this digital version will be announced at a later date.

Video by Knowgood Studio | Collages by Emily Jung 

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The Wuchien Michael Than Foudnation

Poster Image by Knowgood Studio

Wen, played by Rong Fu, leans on a metal ledge and looks up into the ceiling. The cellist plays the cello beside her.
The set of the year of the cello runs along two floors on a narrow, long stage. On one side is Rong, speaking under warm lights. The other side is the cellist, playing the cello in a cool light. It's like they are in a different space. On the ground level, there is a vintage chinese bed with a gramophone on bedside.
Wen looks into the bed from behind its wooden frame, peeking carefully onto the white sheets.