Never the Last

by Molly MacKinnon and Christine Quintana | A Theatre Passe Muraille presentation of a Delinquent Theatre Production


“If like me, you weren’t familiar with the work of either composer Sophie-Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté or the abstract painter Walter
Gramatté, Molly MacKinnon and Christine Quintana‘s new play will make you fascinated with both. […] The final 10 minutes, which
help explain the structure and form of the piece, are almost unbearably moving.”

Glenn Sumi, So Sumi

a purple blue light projects onto the stage. Two women sits back to back on a chair in the centre of the stage. Dressed in formalwear suggestive of the last century. One is playing the violin, other speaks

Christine Quintana (as Sophie Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté) and Molly MacKinnon | Photo by Bold Rezolution Studio

Delinquent Theatre shines a spotlight on the fascinating composer from the last century, Sophie Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté whose work was almost lost in the male-dominated classical music field, until she immigrated to Canada. Never the Last follows Sophie and her passionate relationship with the expressionist painter Walter Gramatté. The couple’s 10 years of marriage is marked by adventure, poverty, artistic strife and tragedy.

Woven with violin solo and original text, you are invited to witness the story of two artists in love, and the increasing space between them. 

Show Runs

April 8 – 16, 2023

Running Time: 80 minutes


Theatre Passe Muraille 
Mainspace Theatre, 16 Ryerson Avenue



$10 | $30 | $60

Christine Quintana
Molly MacKinnon
Laura McLean
Kayla Dunbar
Lighting Designer
Jill White
Set Designer
Jenn Stewart
Projection Designer
Joel Grinke
Costume Designer
Carmen Alatorre
Costume Design Assistant
Alaia Hamer
Sound Designer
Nancy Tam
Sound Design Assistant 
Charlie Cooper
Production Manager/Technical Director
Jamie Sweeney
Stage Manager
Geoff Jones

Molly MacKinnon | The Violinist
Christine Quintana | Sonia
Amitai Marmorstein | Walter


Tickets & Showtimes

Never the last by Molly MacKinnon and Christine Quintana. A dark blue background shows 2 benches back to back.The artist Molly Mackinnon with red tied hair and wearing black and is sitting side view on one one of the benches and playing with her violin. The other bench is left centre of poster, lonely.

Please note this production has strobe-like effects. 

Closed Audio Description is available with Receivers which can be picked up at the box office. Only the person listening to the audio description over the receiver can hear it. TPM does provide headphones but you are also welcome to bring your own. Available on: 

Saturday April 15 @ 2pm

Sunday April 16 @ 2pm

Audio Describer: Janis Mayers | Superior Description

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Sensory-Sensitive Performance 

Saturday April 15 @ 2pm  

Visual Story – Never the Last

Please note there are strobe-like effects in this production. If you would like information on the topics or themes in our productions, or to determine the suggested age for attending a performance, please reach out to our Box Office staff at 416.504.7529 or by email at

There is a Post-Show Q&A on the following performance:

April 15 @ 2pm

A bit about Sophie Carmen Eckhardt-Grammatté

Sophie-Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté (Sonia) lived a life life marked by poverty, migration, and ambition.

She was born in Moscow where her mother, a piano teacher, was abandoned by her father. In desperation, her mother left Sonia at an artist colony in the UK at age 2, and came back to get her at age 4 when she had become more financially stable. They moved to Paris, where she was admitted to the Paris Conservatoire at the age of eight, where she majored in piano and violin – exceptional for a girl of her age. By age eleven she had given her first concerts in Paris, Geneva, and Berlin, playing both instruments on the same program. The family’s subsequent move to Berlin left them homeless, until she managed to support the family by playing violin in a beer garden while working on her music career.

The last twenty one years of Sonia’s life were spent in Winnipeg, breaking new ground as a composer and pedagogue on the Canadian prairies. Her work catalogue of over 175 compositions (symphonic, chamber, violin, and piano) attests to the fiery, dynamic spirit of an artist, steeped in the romantic tradition, carving a path for herself in the remarkable musical terrain of the twentieth century. Now, she is remembered in Canada through the work of the Eckhardt-Gramatté Foundation, and the national contest in her name that celebrates talented young musicians.

Production photos courtesy of Delinquent Theatre