Okay, you can stop now

by Shakeil Rollock | A Theatre Passe Muraille and Shakeil Rollock co-production in association with b current performing arts

Two movements from Shakeil’s dance is collaged one after the other. The colour palette is neutral and the texture is concrete-like.

Image by Gessy Robin Shumbusho

Okay, you can stop now is a physical theatre experience that explores how we deal with, manipulate, and come to terms with information. Four performers are invited into a landscape full of newspapers: a tangible form of history. Over time, knowing that history is continual, the weight of the news gets the better of each individual.

Through personal accounts and collective experience, each performer navigates their relationship to privilege and power: how do we move forward once history has indelibly been changed.

..and more!

A ticket purchase to Okay, you can stop now gives you access to watch X and da spirit following the show (A special presentation by Theatre Passe Muraille in association with b current performing arts)

Show Runs

February 4 to 11, 2023

Runtime: approximately 110 minutes (includes Okay, you can stop now, a 15 minute intermission, and special presentation of X and Da Spirit)


Theatre Passe Muraille (16 Ryerson Avenue) Mainspace Theatre

Digital: Available in a digital format February 7 (does not include X and Da Spirit)



$10 | $30 | $60


Shakeil Rollock
Dramaturgy/Assistant Director
Justin Eddy
Stage Manager
Greg Carruthers
Digital Director
Indrit Kasapi
Lighting Designer
Jacob Lin
Costume & Set Designer
Melanie McNeill
Sound Designer
Miquelon Rodriguez
Projection Designer
Julia Kim
Esie Mensah
Catherine Hernandez
ASL Team
Deaf Interpreter
Courage Bacchus
Deaf Community Consultant
Dr. Jenelle Rouse
ASL Interpreters
Kimberley Johnson
Aneesa Mustafa
Tama Martin
Alten Wilmot
Cheryl Chan
Cody Berry-Ottertail

Tickets & Show times

Running February 4 — 11 at Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace Theatre! For any inquiries, please leave a message for our Box Office staff at 416.504.7529 or by email at info@passemuraille.on.ca

*February 7th: This performance will be live streamed to our online audience.
*All other performances: cameras will be active and in the theatre. The direction of the camera will be on the stage and performers but the audience may be captured. If this is a barrier for you please contact our box office.

Okay, you can stop now by Shakeil Rollock. Shakeil’s movement is collaged one after the other as he dances, making the poster appear like there are four shakeils. He is wearing a neutral grey shirt with jeans and sneakers, dancing in front of a large concrete building.

Tickets at Theatre Passe Muraille have pay-what-you-can-afford price points! Those purchasing at the $60 price point will do so with the understanding that their ticket price is helping to subsidize the $10* ticket price, and in doing so, making theatre more accessible for others.

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Please note, February 9 1:30pm is a school matinee performance and does not include the special presentation of X and Da Spirit.

This production is a relaxed run.

ASL Interpretation is available Friday February 10 evening and Saturday February 11 matinee shows.

Black Out Night for Okay, you can stop now will take place February 9 at 7:30pm!

Black Out Nights are performances exclusively for Black audiences. The spirit behind this evening is to provide a space for Black theatre-goers to experience a show for them, by them. The Black Out Night event also facilitates a safe environment for a personal and intimate discussion on the work made and performed by Black artists. We are committed to continue offering Black Out Night performances for all Black playwrights and artists in future seasons. 

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About TPM’s Buzz Program

Okay, you can stop now has been a Theatre Passe Muraille Buzz in-development work for 3 years, culminating in this world premiere! The Buzz In-Development Series focuses on creating an artistic process that places the art and artist at the centre.We do this in various ways including: workshops, dramaturgy, public presentations as well as in ways which cannot yet be anticipated or defined. At TPM, we aspire to empower the artist throughout their development in methodologies that work for them.  You can learn more about our industry programs and artist resources in the “artist” tab of our website.