by Tristan R. Whiston and Moynan King | A ReDefine Arts and Theatre Passe Muraille Co-Production

three huts that look like small vertical homes with white and blue strips stand surrounded by speakers. They are big enough to fit maybe 1-2 people if they squish together.

Photographer | Henry Chan

How do we reconcile all of who we have been, with who we are now, and who we are yet to become?

Enter the world of trace: an interdisciplinary performance about the voice in transition. 

Beginning with archival audio recordings of Tristan R. Whiston’s singing voice across different stages of his gender transition, trace integrates sound art, music, and video in an immersive and interactive live performance.

Created by Whiston and Moynan King, trace focuses on the ongoing nature of queer being and becoming. By transforming a private story into a public performance, audiences will be taken on a journey across time and identity.

Show Runs

April 20 to 30, 2023


Theatre Passe Muraille (16 Ryerson Avenue) Mainspace Theatre



$10 | $30 | $60


Co-creator and Performer
Tristan R. Whiston
Co-creator and Director
Moynan King

Tickets & Show times

Trace by Tristan R Whiston and Moynan King. Tristan is standing beside Moynan who is a one step forward and bending on one knee. Both artists are wearing black and dark blue colors and they are playfully facing us and standing in an alley on a light colour background from the daylight and with some green grass showing on both sides.

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trace to copy something by putting translucent paper on top of it and drawing the visible outlines.

trace – to find out where somebody is, or who somebody was.

trace a sign, such as a footprint, that remains behind to show the former presence of a person or thing no longer; a physical sign of the passage of a person.