Theatre Beyond Walls

We are Theatre Passe Muraille, a theatre company located in Toronto — currently developing and producing new plays. We strive to articulate a distinct Canadian voice that reflects the complexity of our intercultural society.

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Woking Phoenix

“Experience the taste of the Woking Phoenix!”

An epic exploration of two decades of a family’s survival. Woking Phoenix tells the story of three siblings, their mother, and their restaurant as they seek to find belonging within small-town Ontario. An intergenerational Chinese love story about creating community and the food that reminds us of home.

#BeyondTO Festival

The sophomore edition of our presentation festival #BeyondTO bringing works to our historic red doors from outside Toronto. This year we welcome Soliloquio (Argentina)  and Camille: The Story (Québec) to share intimate stories from the breadth of the human experience.

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Collage by Emily Jung
Pictured from left to right: Donna-Michelle St. Bernard, Charlie Petch, Gloria Mok and family, Luke Reece, Dario Dvon, Sky-Ravinn, Courage Bacchus, Selecta Sarah.

A thrilling new season of eclectic, moving, and boundary pushing works, full of surprises. This season boasts four productions developed at TPM through our Buzz program. From supporting VR conference attendees to a de-escalation workshop and everything in-between, we hope you will join us through our red doors, as we continue our journey of bringing you some of the most exciting artists and work in town!