Accountability Framework

What does accountability mean to Theatre Passe Muraille?
Avinash, Janice, Marjorie, Darren, Sue, and Angela and Indrit smile together and are collaged onto a dark blue graphic, with two red lines along each vertical side that surround the words "Accountability Framework"

In 2020, in response to the murder of George Floyd, the leadership and Board of Directors of Theatre Passe Muraille made a series of commitments to the TPM community. The current leadership of Marjorie Chan (Artistic Director), Indrit Kasapi (Artistic Producer), and Michelle Knight (Managing Director, Revenue & Strategy) continue to uphold these commitments which include:

– Being open to having in-depth conversations about equity, diversity, accessibility, and inclusion at our theatre. 

– Increasing the intersectional representation of Indigenous, Black, and Persons of Colour on our staff, Board, artistic and creative teams, and within our audiences.

– And, holding ourselves accountable to the broader community through action.

In support of these commitments, Theatre Passe Muraille’s Staff and Board members have been developing an “Accountability Framework” to ensure that we are living our values of equity, diversity, accessibility, and inclusion in a transparent and thoughtful way. Our Accountability Framework includes specific goals and quantifiable commitments to equity and inclusion that will continue to guide our work and operations moving forward. We recognize that the work will be ongoing. Our Framework is living, breathing, and always responsive to the changing world around us. We know that real change takes time and we want to get it right so that our words can truly lead to deep-rooted, wide-reaching, and permanent change at TPM. This site will serve as a record of where we are on this journey and we will keep updating it as we move forward. 

Current Actions as a part of our Accountability Framework:

WHO: Led by then Interim Managing Director Indrit Kasapi with Staff, Community Consultants, and Legal Consultant.

TIMELINE: Completed, October 2022

WHO: Led by Chair Susan Moellers with the Finance Committee of the Board and then Interim Managing Director Indrit Kasapi.

TIMELINE: Completed July 2022.

WHO: Led by Leadership, with Producer Jenn Sartor, and Production Manager Jonathan Rooke.

TIMELINE: In progress.

WHO: Led by Artistic Director Marjorie Chan and Artistic Associate April Leung.

TIMELINE: On-going; to be conducted on an annual basis with next session being in December 2022. 

WHO: Led by Committee Chair, Darren Cooper, with the Community Engagement Committee of the Board.

TIMELINE: Ongoing.


This is only a portion of the work we are doing. The full Accountability Framework is an internal strategic document that addresses activities and initiatives across all aspects of our organization; including the Board, our artistic team, staff, and community. We encourage you to keep holding us accountable as we work towards a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive Theatre Passe Muraille.

Accountability Framework Process Presentation from our 2021 Annual General Meeting