Policy on Discrimination, Harassment and Violence

Theatre Passe Muraille, The Professional Association of Canadian Theatres, and Canadian Actors’ Equity Association (“Equity”) are committed to the pursuit of respectful workspaces and support for those who have experienced or witnessed toxic behaviours. We will not tolerate conduct that undermines the dignity or self-esteem of an individual, or which creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment. Artists and engagers must speak up against harassment and stand together in addressing problems when they arise.

Staff members at Theatre Passe Muraille are trained to support you and are familiar with our company’s anti-harassment policy. Please reach out to us if you experience or witness questionable behaviour. Those who come forward with concerns about having experienced or observed discrimination or harassment are protected against any reprisals or retaliation both under this policy and under the law in Ontario.

We encourage you to review Theatre Passe Muraille’s Policy on Discrimination, Harassment and Violence, which you can download at the link below.

If you have questions on these policies or if you have any concerns about having experienced or witnessed harassment or discrimination, we encourage you to reach out to one or more of the following staff, management or board members who will escalate concerns appropriately:


Angela Sun |  email: angelas@passemuraille.on.ca | phone: 416-504-8988 ext.2140  

Jenn Sartor |  email: jenns@passemuraille.on.ca | phone: 416-504-8988 ext.2127      

Indrit Kasapi |email: indritk@passemuraille.on.ca | work: 416-504-8988 ext.2144   

Marjorie Chan | email: marjoriec@passemuraille.on.ca | work: 416-504-8988 ext.2124 

Michelle Knight|  email: michellek@passemuraille.on.ca | work: 416-504-8988 ext.2143


Jeff Chan (Board Chair) |  email: board@passemuraille.on.ca

Once the Equity deputy on the production has been determined, their contact details will also be made available to all involved in that production. We encourage you to reach out to the individual that you are most comfortable with should you experience or witness unwelcome behaviour.

Thank you for being an integral part of this cultural shift. Together we will make our production workspaces, respectful spaces.

Statement from TPM Leadership made on November 4, 2021 | Download statement