Artist Philosophy

collage of tpm season artists
11:11, Toka, May I Take Your Arm? Photo Credit: Dahlia Katz | Speculation Photo Credit: Melissa Sung | Ephemeral Artifacts Photo Credit: Damian Siqueiros | Paprika Photo Credit: Julie Phan & Dinaly Tran, Brand and Concept Design by: Louis Duarte

Theatre Passe Muraille is a home to work that is inclusive, eclectic and representative of our city. We are creating a home for an audience that is open, heterogeneous, and drawn to risk. We do work that we devise and work that we collaborate on. We are as interested in developing audiences, artists, and companies as we are in developing artistic works. We are an active part of our community.

In Residence

We seek out long-term relationships with artists and companies who share our values and aesthetic for residencies. This support may take the form of funding, space, mentorship, dramaturgy or a BUZZ Development Series presentation. A residency with Theatre Passe Muraille articulates a commitment from us to the development of their work, with the intention to eventually produce, present or program it. There is no specific timeframe on residency periods, or development schedules. Residencies are by the invitation of the Artistic Director, and there is no application process. Be sure to check out our BUZZ Development Series page to see what our Artists & Companies-in-Residence are up to.

This season, our Artists/Companies in Residence are:

Headshot of Donna-Michelle St.Bernard, who is wearing glasses, short buzzed cut hair and wearing a choker
Donna-Michelle St.Bernard
headshot of Katie Ready-Walters, who has shoulder length wavy hair and smiling
Katie Ready-Walters
headshot of Tamyka Bullen, who is wearing glasses and a flower on their head, wearing a striped shirt, smiling.
Tamyka Bullen
Performance photo: three actors are holding one up in the air.
lemonTree Productions
alone theatre logo
aluna theatre
two actors have their arms around each other's shoulders. They are looking up at something.
Silk Bath Collective


*Please note, TPM currently does not accept unsolicited submissions of scripts and projects. We frequently include artist opportunities in the community in our newsletter. Click here to sign up to our newsletter.

 Bessie Cheng Photo by Sarah Tung | Gloria Mok Photo by Maxime Coté | Aaron Jan, Donna-Michelle St Bernard Photo by Graham Isador | Katie Ready-Walters Photo by Dahlia Katz