Audio Described Performances

Audio Described Performances offer Low Vision and Blind patrons a companion piece to the shows delivered either CLOSED: through an earpiece and a small receiver, or OPEN: live for the entire audience to hear, or lastly INTEGRATED: the performers in the show will be speaking the Audio Description as part of the play, it might be so integrated that the audience is unaware that the script has been altered to give Blind and Low-Vision Patrons verbal cues to the action on stage.

The Audio Described Performance will outline the events happening on stage – including relevant sets, costumes, and non verbal actions – in a delivery style that matches the tone and presentation of the play. The scripts for the Audio Described Performance are developed in conjunction with the creative teams at Theatre Passe Muraille, with the goal of giving Low Vision and Blind audience members a more immersive experience.

*We tend to work with a non-traditional Audio Described format.

We have 11 RF Assistive hearing devices available at the Box office, feel free to bring your own headphones for comfort. 

Photo by Michael Cooper | Craig Lauzon, Andrew Moodie and Graham Conway in The Drawer Boy | Set and Costume Design by Joanna Yu | Lighting Design by Michelle Ramsay

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