Black Out: The Negroes are Congregating

Toronto, ON (Feb 17th 2020) – On March 5th 2020 PIECE OF MINE Arts and Theatre Passe Muraille are presenting a Black Out performance of The Negroes Are Congregating, a play written and directed by Natasha Adiyana Morris. This was inspired by the event of the same name that happened in the Fall of 2019 on Broadway for Jeremy O’ Harris’s Slave Play. March 5th’s performance of The Negroes are Congregating will be for a Black audience. The spirit behind this evening is to provide a space for Black theatre-goers to experience a show for them, by them. The Negroes are Congregating episodically explores the many joys and hardships of being Black in Canada and in the world. We believe this evening can act as an opportunity to proudly bring to life the heart of this show. 

“It’s important for my people to feel directly invited to this show, for both the audience and the performers. With content as raw as this, there is definitely a need to have representation in the building—throughout the run.”  Writer and Director Natasha Adiyana Morris

As theatre creators we encourage the discussion this will generate. How do we curate opportunities for communities to come to the theatre and feel like they can be fully themselves? Natasha’s writing gives us a chance to explore the cultural impact of Black Out within the title of the show itself, The Negroes are Congregating. TPM is thrilled to support this event and also encourages non-Black folks to come see the show on any other of the thirteen performances.

Tickets to Thursday, March 5th’s Black Out performance of The Negroes are Congregating are available online in advance or by Pay-What-You-Can tickets at the door. However if arriving at the box office early creates a barrier we are able to reserve a ticket for you to pay-what-you-can at the door so that we can make sure we have a seat for you.

“Natasha’s script is provocative, engaging and designed to create discussion for Black people and non-Black people alike. To me, it is as if your friend invites you over for dinner next week. They say, “Come over any night except Thursday. Thursday, my family is coming over and we’re going through stuff.” Black Out is like a Thursday with one’s family. It will be an opportunity for members of the Black community to have a personal and intimate discussion, and feel safe while doing so.” TPM Artistic Director Marjorie Chan

We thank you in advance for supporting these artists and Theatre Passe Muraille as we facilitate an opportunity for a community to celebrate and enjoy a performance made for them.

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Photos by: Hoffworks