COVID-19 Protocols

We are operating with the utmost caution and with the best health and safety knowledge we currently have in order to bring theatre to our audiences. For that reason, we will not have public audiences until it is safe to do so under the Government of Ontario’s COVID-19 regulations.
As we look forward, we will have more details about what to expect if you are coming through our red doors. Safety measures and health protocols, including masks, social distancing, and sanitation measures, will be fully announced when tickets go on sale, and updated as precautions for COVID-19 evolve and change.

Currently all TPM shows are digital productions. Please take a look at our “What’s On” tab to see what is happening digitally at TPM. We also have Prelude events before performances and a Book Club available under our “Community” tab.

A copy of TPM’s full COVID-19 protocols and safety plan will be emailed to active artists in our theatre.

  • Self-Assessments will be preformed before entering any TPM building/office (based on Ontario’s COVID-19 self assessment form)
  • There are capacity limits listed in the Artists safety plan for each area of the theatre building
  • The use of physical distancing (2 meters) and masks is mandatory in all spaces and specific guidelines for various situations can be found in the Safety plan
  • Hand sanitizer will be available outside of the washrooms and in each theatre.
  • In areas that are too narrow for two people to pass with 2 m distance you must yield at the entry point and wait for one person to pass through the hallway or door at a time
  • There will be separate areas to store your personal items as well as food/drink. No one is to touch other people’s personal items.
  • TPM’s HVAC system in the Mainspace has been maintained. TPM is running the HVAC system at all times and new filters are being installed based on Industry standards. Filters used in the Mainspace have a MERV rating of 8-10.
  • Air purifiers will be used in the Backspace and Greenroom. 
  • Cleaning of dressing rooms, common touch areas backstage, the theatre control booth, and crew and cast bathrooms will be done on a daily basis with a disinfecting fogger by TPM staff.
  • Whenever possible, and when the temperature and weather outside is within an acceptable temperature range, the windows in the Mainspace will be kept open to improve airflow.
  • Doors with frequent traffic will be propped open when possible.
  • A cleaning spray will be available in the Greenroom, each dressing room and the washrooms to wipe down any areas touched between uses.
  • When using areas where multiple people will need to access in one day (washrooms, Greenroom sink & microwave area including coffee maker and kettle) please wipe down anything you touch with cleaning products provided afterwards.
  • Any performer singing should be separated by a physical barrier from all other people in the room. TPM has a transparent acrylic barrier available for this purpose.

TPM office staff are currently working from home. Staff who do work in the theatre are also trained on our Safety plan and follow all COVID protocols. 

Feel free to visit our Staff & Board page and for general inquiries, email

Understanding COVID-19 risks

COVID-19 can be spread in two main ways:

  • Person to Person: by people who are in close contact through aerosolized droplets that can remain in the air for lengthy periods of time (up to three hours depending on ventilation). Learn more here
  • By Surface or Objects: when people touch their face after touching contaminated surfaces

The key risk factors for COVID-19 transmission include:

  • Prolonged Exposure – spending more time with potentially infected people
  • Close Proximity – working close to others
  • Crowded Places – having more people in a space
  • Closed Spaces – indoor spaces have less fresh air 
  • Forceful Exhalation – activities that cause people to breathe more deeply

The risk of severe health outcomes is not the same for everyone. The risk increases with age and is higher for people with certain medical conditions.

General Health and Safety Information 


  • Stay 2 meters apart at all times
  • Enter doorways or hallways one at a time, waiting for the other person to pass all the way through before you enter



  • Wash your hands often with soap and water (for 20 seconds) or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer 
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Video on proper hand washing technique (use same technique when applying hand sanitizer): 


  • Wipe down surfaces after you touch them whenever possible. 


  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then immediately throw the tissue in the garbage and wash your hands
  • If you don’t have a tissue, sneeze or cough into your sleeve or arm.

For more information on COVID-19 in Ontario and Toronto please visit their websites. If you live outside of these areas please look at your local guidelines to learn the most updated information.