COVID-19 Protocols

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As of September 22 2021, Theatre Passe Muraille has implemented a mandatory COVID vaccination policy for all persons entering the building. This policy adheres to the recent announcement by the Government of Ontario that all non-essential businesses, including theatres and concert halls, will require proof of double vaccination. Going forward, and until further notice, patrons attending public events inside Theatre Passe Muraille will be required to be fully vaccinated. The safety of our staff, performers and patrons are of the utmost importance.

*The Toronto Public Library will print your proof of vaccination for free at any branch! Learn more.

How it works

New ticket buyers will view a message online notifying them of the vaccine requirement before they purchase their tickets. They will be sent a follow up email with instructions for providing proof of vaccination in advance of the event date. At this time, regulations require patrons to show their second-dose vaccine receipt along with a valid photo I.D. card. Be prepared to show this each time you enter the theatre. Please do not send it in advance as we cannot store this information on your file.

The vaccination policy will be implemented as an open-ended one, with any changes informed by updates relating to infection rates, transmission data, variant developments, and local and federal health regulations.

How do I get a proof of vaccination?

Paper and electronic records from your clinic or pharmacy showing your name and date of your second vaccination will be accepted. Records can also be printed or accessed through the Government of Ontario’s provincial portal. Be prepared to show this each time you enter the theatre. As well, if you have access to the Toronto Public Library, any branch will print and laminate your vaccination form. More information about their program here. Please do not send your information in advance as we cannot store this information on your file.

Theatre Passe Muraille will not be scanning, storing or sharing any health record information.  

What if I'm exempt from getting vaccinated?

Any patron needing an exemption due to a medical condition or disability will need to complete the attached form and bring the signed form along with a proof of a negative COVID test (molecular or PCR) that was administered by an official testing centre to the event. The test must be taken no more than 72 hours prior to entry. Rapid test (antigen) results will not be accepted for entry.

What about attendees under the age of 12?

As the vaccine has not been approved for use under age 12, when coming to a performance under 2 hours, people under the age of 12, will need to complete a self assessment, be asymptomatic as well as be masked and socially distanced. For all other situations the need for PCR testing will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Do I still have to wear a mask?

Yes, masks will still be required inside our building. We will continue to follow Public Health guidance in this regard. 

I have no intention of getting vaccinated. What happens now?

We wish you would reconsider your choice because this is a matter of public health, and the safety of all our patrons, and the Theatre Passe Muraille community.  Until vaccinations are not a requirement made by the Government of Ontario you will not be permitted inside Theatre Passe Muraille. If you require an exemption due to a medical condition or disability please see above.

How do I get vaccinated?

To find a vaccination site near you, click here! See you at the show!

Additional Notes for our Artists and Staff

Artists and staff must show their second-dose vaccine receipt along with a valid photo I.D. card the first time they enter the theatre. Once you have shown your proof to an appointed TPM staff member a note will be made in a private document that you have shown proof in person. Once this has been documented you will not be required to show your vaccine receipt for future visits. If you would not like your status to be recorded you must bring in your vaccination receipt every time you enter the building. 

Any artist/staff member needing an exemption due to a medical condition or disability is required to complete the attached form and hand it in to the appointed TPM staff member along with your negative COVID-19 test results. Please read the COVID-19 Vaccination Exemption Accommodation Form for more information. The exemption form and negative COVID-19 test results will be required every time you enter the theatre. COVID-19 tests must be taken every 72 hours if you will be at the theatre for an extended period of time. Other accommodations, such as working from home if appropriate, may be put in place. The cost of additional testing will be covered by TPM should the exemption be medical or due to a disability. 

Please note that unless an exemption to this mandate has been stated and confirmed to you or your company, all the above applies.