In Loving Memory of David Fox

One of the greatest actors in Canadian history has taken his final bow.

The team here at Theatre Passe Muraille are extremely saddened to hear about the passing of the beloved Canadian theatre icon David Fox. David was in the original production of the seminal Farm Show, the first of many TPM performances, among his many performances across Canada in his illustrious and wide-ranging career. He continued to be an avid supporter of TPM over the years, all while still gracing the stage.

David throws his arms up in the air as people laugh around him
David as MC at Paul Thompson's 40th Birthday Party - Rachel Thompson on the left, David Fox, Charles Pachter, Terry Tweed, Paul Thompson, his mom Bea, Miles Potter, Severn Thompson, Anne Anglin Thompson.
“David was a giant. He was so humble and so kind while also holding his own work to the highest standard, always continuing to explore with rigour tinged with his legendary humour.
He taught me about ease.
He taught me about generosity.
He taught me how to take my craft seriously and also laugh at the same time.
He sought always to entertain, embrace and embody his characters with the most humanity possible.
He will be missed.”
– Marjorie Chan | Artistic Director, TPM
We are deeply honoured that David Fox named Theatre Passe Muraille as a beneficiary charity for his memorial donations. Your gift in tribute to his amazing person and  artist who did so much to the theatre community would help us to continue work in his spirit.
Actors stand hand to hand against a wide sky on tall dry grass
The West Show
“David Fox was a prototypical Canadian actor, emblematic of a new generation of 70’s artists who brought their lived experience and Canadian voice to the theatre. He was a consummate artist & gentleman, who continued to work on projects of all sizes. Theatre Passe Muraille will always love him”.
-Andy McKim | Former Artistic Director, TPM
Of course Fox is not an actor in the normal sense of the word; his experience in the collective method of play-making pioneered by Paul Thompson shows in everything he does. This kind of actor is a retriever of sorts, bringing his or her own imaginative life and heart to bear on the real lives he or she retrieves. This creates a broad sense of human responsibility.”
– Carole Corbeil in This Magazine, 1988

Remembering David's time at TPM

Canadian Heroes Series #2 – John Hornby, 1976 — Collective Creation — director

The Second, 1982 — by Paul Quarrington — director

The Immigrant, 1982 — by David Fox & Jim Sheridan — playwright and cast

Fox in China, 1988 — by David Fox — playwright and performer

The Farm Show, 1972  —  Collective creation 

1837, 1973 — Collective creation with Rick Salutin

Them Donnellys, 1973 — Collective creation with Frank McEnaney 

New Canadians (Workshop for The Adventures of an Immigrant), 1972 — by Rick Salutin

The Adventures of an Immigrant,1974 — by Rick Salutin 

1837: The Farmers’ Revolt, 1974 — written by Rick Salutin (Collective creation) 

The False Messiah, 1975 — by Rick Salutin 

Canadian Heroes Series #1 – Gabriel Dumont, 1975 — Collective creation

The West Show, 1975 — Collective creation 

The Peep Show, 1976 — Collective creation 

The Horsburgh Scandal, 1975 — by Betty Jane Wylie

1837: The Farmers’ Revolt & The Farm Show Tour, 1976

The Olympics Show, 1976 — Collective creation

Shakespeare for Fun and Profit: A Canadian Dream Collective, 1977 — Collective creation

Far as the Eye Can See, 1977 — by Rudy Wiebe

He Won’t Come in from the Barn, 1978 — by Andrew McKeever

Les Maudits Anglais, 1978 — by Gary Geddes

Pumpkin (Workshop), 1979 — by Paul Quarrington

Stallers’ Farm, 1980 — by Franz Xaver Kroetz

The Death of the Donnellys, 1980 — by Ted Johns

Studhorse Man, 1981 — A Collective creation (adapted from the novel by Robert Kroetsch)

The Passe Muraille Hamlet, 1983

Urban Donnellys, 1993 — Collective creation

The Stillborn Lover, 1995 — by Timothy Findley

The Duchess AKA Wallis Simpson, 1995 — by Linda Griffiths

The Drawer Boy, 1999 — by Michael Healey  

In the Wings, 2002 — by Nicky Guadagni

full cast and director pose together in this warm, old photograph. Paul Thompson lies on the floor sideways smiling
A group photo for Far as The Eye Can See, for 1976-77 season

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