Digital Creators Lab

Digital Creators Lab 2022

Videos from the presentations

Himanshu (from Nautanki Bazaar) and Marjorie Chan speak on stage, with Neha (also from Nautanki Bazaar) joins from zoom on the projection screen behind her

TPM has partnered with RAUCOUS (Bristol, UK) and Chimerik 似不像 Collective (Vancouver, BC) as Digital Advisors to our Lab participants: Luke Reece, Njo Kong Kie, Theatre du Poulet (Carmen Lee and Roland Au) and Nautanki Bazaar (Himanshu Sitlani and Neha Poduval) as they learn, explore and imagine new visions for their works from conception to a 2022 workshop in our newly equipped and accessible Backspace.

The following short docs were filmed during their 2022 workshop. Created by Alejandra Higuera and Ana Higuera, document their workshop and the discoveries they made. Watch these videos to learn how these artists integrated creative captioning, projection design, binaural sound, interactive elements, 3D scanning, and more for an upcoming work.

Luke Reece – Building Relationships with the World

Theatre du Poulet – Miss 懷

Njo Kong Kie – The Year of the Cello

Nautanki Bazaar – Kanishka

DCL Artists: Luke Reece, Nautanki Bazaar (Himanshu Sitlani & Neha Poduval), Theatre du Poulet (Carmen Lee & Roland Au), and Njo Kong Kie.

Digital Advisors: Sharon Clark (RAUCOUS, Bristol UK), Chimerik 似不像 Collective (Vancouver, BC) 

Dramaturges: Dr. Jess Watkin, Marjorie Chan, Indrit Kasapi

DCL Producers: Rinchen Dolma, April Leung

Assistant Production Manager and Backspace Technician: Nicole Eunju Bell

DCL Launch Day Co-ordinator: Ulla Laidlaw

A very special thank you to past staff members Régine Cadet, Eric Read and Sally Roberts.  

Thank you

This program was made possible due to funding from the Canada Council for the Arts.

Canada Council for the Arts