Lessons in Temperament

An Outside the March Film

Bird eye view of a grand piano, where the performer is tuning. The theatre is dark and quiet
Image courtesy of Outside The March

The story of four neurodiverse brothers, LESSONS IN TEMPERAMENT is a cinematic escape into the art and science of piano tuning and the precarious landscapes of the mind. An instrument goes out of tune whether or not anyone plays it – something that musician and theatre-maker James Smith knows all too well. 

November 24th 7:30pm

Virtual presentation at Theatre Passe Muraille

Trigger Warning: This film deals with conversations around mental health crises, suicide, violence, and homelessness. There is the occasional use of adult language.

100% of box office proceeds from the Theatre Passe Muraille of LESSONS IN TEMPERAMENT presentation will be directed to Stella’s Place

Stella’s Place is an organization that was founded in 2013 after Donna Green (founder and president of Stella’s Place) could not find proper age-appropriate, engaging mental health support for her daughter. Stella’s Place is geared towards Adult Youth in ages ranging from 16-29, looking to get support with their mental health needs, located in the GTA. It offers a variety of programs and services, some being (e.g. Virtual drop in programs, virtual fitness programs, an online chat based app called BeanBag Chat, employment counselling, individual counselling) along with many other services.

More screenings!

Theatre Passe Muraille is just one of the presenters supporting LESSONS IN TEMPERAMENT. For a list of screening schedules between November 13th – 27th in various theatres, please visit outsidethemarch.ca