March 14

We want to take a moment today to recognize March 14, which marks 1 year since our theatre and office closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic

#NavigatingTheNow is the theme of TPM’s 20.21 season, which represents the organization’s vision to be flexible, adaptive and responsive to the rapid changes of the world. This has provided our partnering productions and artists the integrity to make necessary artistic decisions at the necessary time. This past year has been challenging, but we are extremely lucky to continue to be able to work. We know that this is not the case with everyone.

empty seats

Especially with mother’s day and father’s day approaching us, our heart goes out to the elderly who are impacted and isolated by this pandemic. We also stand in solidarity with the East-Asian community, who are faced with an ever increasing rise in anti-asian racism.

In recognizing this time of grief, we know that it is important to continue the work we do, to create moments where our community can come together — even if it is not physically in our theatre. Thank you for your continued support and for your heartfelt messages.

We miss you, A LOT.

Our warmest thoughts and wishes,
The TPM team

A vibrant image of theatre passe muraille building against sky with a big cloud. The building is made of bricks, and have red linings and a red door. Red banner in the front reads Theatre Passe Muraille