The “Prelude” is our series of community events inspired by the shows in our season. Our hope is to provide more context, another perspective, or a deeper look into the themes of our productions. This season our Prelude events will include community meals, panels, workshops and more. All of our Prelude events are open to the public and free to attend.

Some of the panelists and facilitators we have worked with in the past include: Nicole Brooks, Ryan Knighton, Thurga Kanagasekarampillai, Dr. Jenelle Rouse, Patricia Allison and Jeff Yung from Shakespeare in the Ruff, Aria Evans, Chisato Minamimura, Courage Bacchus, Frank Hull, Aria Umezawa, Chloé and Jade Barshee, སྐལ་བཟང་དབྱང་འཛོམས་ Kalsang Yangzom, Jamie Robinson, Megan Miceli, Alaina Viau, Dr. Syrus Marcus Ware, Martha Baillie, Naomi Jaye, Sabine Ndalamba, Keira Marie Forde, Rahaf Fasheh, Lena Khalaf Tuffaha, Maysam Ghani, Adam Paolozza, Kari Pederson, Tristan R. Whiston and The Epic Choir, Alyssa Delbaere-Sawchuk, Luke Reece, Asante Haughton, Kais Padamshi, Charlie Petch, Ann Hui, Vanessa Ling Yu, and Audrey-Anne Bouchard.  

Recordings of our past digital events are below and stay tuned for some exciting announcements about our future programming.

Thank you for attending our
23/24 Prelude community events.

Our community event series will return in October 2024.

More information to come…

The Digital Prelude Archives

During the 20/21 season, we hosted a series of digital Prelude conversations inspired by the themes of our productions. Check out the recordings of our digital Preludes below!

Prelude Conversation with Nicole Brooks

For our first digital Prelude event, we invited playwright, director, performer, and Sangoma, Nicole Brooks to discuss her unique multidisciplinary practice and how her art honours her ancestral journey. In this uplifting conversation with Associate Artistic Director Indrit Kasapi, they reminisce about the creation of the hit show OBEAH OPERA and what advice Nicole would give emerging artists with big dreams. This event was inspired by our 20/21 digital production of 11:11 by Samson Bonkeabantu Brown.

English captions are available for this video.

Prelude Conversation with Ryan Knighton

For our second Prelude event of the season, acclaimed author Ryan Knighton spoke with TPM Board Member and Accessibility Specialist Darren Cooper on his journey as a writer, what it’s like to write about your own life, and why you should never forcibly grab a Blind person by the elbow during a global pandemic. This event was inspired by our 20/21 digital production of Speculation by Leslie Ting.

The event was a primarily auditory event to improve accessibility for patrons at all levels of sight and/or living with Blindness. English captions are available for this video.