Ticket F.A.Q.

What time does the box office open before a show?

Normally, the box office will always be open 1.5 hours before a show. Howeverour physical Box Office on 16 Ryerson Avenue is currently closed, and tickets are only sold online. Please call or email to reach us!

Phone: 416-504-7529

Email: info@passemuraille.on.ca

Why is there a $3.00 charge on online/phone sales?

This additional charge covers administrative costs for the ticketing system.

What is the difference between Theatre Passe Muraille tickets and Arts Box Office tickets on your ticketing page?

When you select Theatre Passe Muraille tickets on our ticketing page you will only be able to purchase tickets from our current season. If you’re looking to purchase tickets for a show that is renting our venue then you select Arts Box Office tickets, this will take you to the ticket sales for all rental company productions.

What are my options for purchasing a ticket?

You can purchase tickets online or over the phone and the tickets will be emailed to you as an e-ticket. You can either print off this e-ticket or show it on your phone when entering the theatre. You can also purchase tickets in person at the box office before the performance or on the show day.

What payment types are accepted?

We accept VISA, Mastercard, Debit or Cash.

What are your ticket prices?

We will no longer be offering subscriptions. Instead, Theatre Passe Muraille will be embracing the Pay-What-You-Can-Afford model, and offering single tickets only. 

The ticket prices this season are: $5, $25, and $50 for our Season Productions (and $5, $10, and $20 for our BUZZ Development Series.) 

In order to remove barriers in our pricing, we are offering three price points so that a wide range of audiences are able to attend our 20.21 Season. We encourage audiences to make their own choices about what they can afford in order to experience theatre. Those purchasing at the $50 price point will do so with the understanding that their ticket price is helping to subsidize the $5 ticket price, and in doing so, making theatre more accessible for others.


Have more questions? Contact the box office at info@passemuraille.on.ca

Subscription F.A.Q.

When do Subsciptions go on sale?

Unfortunately we will not be offering subscriptions for the current Season.