TRC Reading Challenge

Orange graphic with the dark blue cover of Truth and Reconciliation Report cover image.

In 2021 summer, TPM joined the TRC Reading Challenge where our team and TPM community members have collectively been reading the Truth & Reconcilliation Report weekly. We have finished reading the report and the community will now transition to monthly meetings.

We will meet the second Wednesday of every month starting March 2, 9:30 – 10:30am to discuss the report’s Calls to Action and work towards answering these calls together. We are simply naming this group: TPM Call to Action. We hope that the community will embrace this group as their own, as you have done with our weekly readings. 

Please sign up on the Google Form below to gain access to our Zoom meetings. 

TRC Reading Community's Action Items

From December 8, 2021

1. Support one Indigenous-led business, arts or non-profit organization.

2. Create or research a letter template for contacting our government representatives.

3. Have an “uncomfortable” conversation with someone about the issues that we’ve learned from the TRC report.

4. Taking a look at where your money is going (research the banks you use) and see if it’s in alignment with your own beliefs and values.

5. To reflect upon what we’ve learned from reading the TRC report so far and/ or look deeper into one Indigenous-led cause or issue and share on social media or sign the petition or undertake any other action in support or amplification.


Active listening will be available in all sessions. An Active Listener provides an affirming, welcoming space for participants to talk through any thoughts or emotions that may come up due to the content or nature of the event. Our Active Listener is not a mental health professional but they can provide an open ear and will have mental health resources on hand should you require further support.

ASL (American Sign Language) interpretation will be available by request. When you register, please let us know if you require ASL interpretation, or email us at info@passemuraille.on.ca.

Zoom Auto-captioning will be available.