TRC Reading Challenge

TPM will be joining the TRC Reading Challenge, and our team will be collectively reading the Truth & Reconcilliation Report weekly on Wednesdays, from 9:30am – 10:30am. As TPM community members, we invite you to join us on this challenge. Here’s how it will work:

  • 30-40 minutes of active reading each week, with introductions and time for reflection and conversation
  • The reading will take place virtually on zoom
  • We will read the report aloud, and you can choose to read or listen
  • You will need to register to receive the zoom information
  • We will have zoom auto-captioning, and ASL interpretation will be available upon request
  • There will be an active listening room with a TPM staff member each week
  • Zoom breakout rooms will be available afterwards for silent reflection/discussion. *these discussions are not moderated, and we cannot guarantee that either of these rooms will be a safe space. We trust in our community to remain respectful — as this reading is our collective action.

Indigenous communities have pointed to unmarked graves on residential “school” grounds for decades, but their voices were unheard and dismissed. Now, as more and more children are being discovered on sites across this land, Theatre Passe Muraille will not be celebrating Canada Day on July 1st. We simply cannot.

At TPM, some of us are here by choice, and some of us are on this land by involuntary means. As settlers and as an organization we recognize the systemic inequities in which we benefit from: the same system that continues to oppress Indigenous people on this land.

Our thoughts go to our Indigenous artists and community members who are creating and caring — all while grieving and fighting every day of the year. We demand clean drinking water for Indigenous people, clean air for Aamjiwnaang First Nation in Sarnia, the rights to safely fish for Mi’kmaq First Nations, and for continued investigation of unmarked graves across Canada.

Come and read with us.

Tracking progress

Each week, we will keep record of how far we got to in the google doc, accessible by clicking the button below. If you are joining us in the mid-way, click “where we left off” on top of the document.


Active listening will be available in all sessions. An Active Listener provides an affirming, welcoming space for participants to talk through any thoughts or emotions that may come up due to the content or nature of the event. Our Active Listener is not a mental health professional but they can provide an open ear and will have mental health resources on hand should you require further support.

ASL (American Sign Language) interpretation will be available by request. When you register, please let us know if you require ASL interpretation, or email us at info@passemuraille.on.ca.

Zoom Auto-captioning will be available.