Facilitated by Tsholo Khalema | Part of Theatre Passe Muraille's Buzz In-development Series

Collage and poster design by Emily Jung

“I am, because you are.”

is Theatre Passe Muraille’s Emerging Black Creation Unit, created and facilitated by Tsholo Khalema. Focused on Black new career artists, VUKA (which means rise or wake in Zulu) will be a presentation of four in-progress works by Sebastian Urmom, Selecta Sarah, Courage Bacchus, and Dario Dvon.

Featuring performances of drag, singing, live music and theatre, join us for an event filled with community and storytelling.

VUKA Show Schedule:
Friday, December 1st, 7 pm: Courage Bacchus and Dario Dvon
Saturday, December 2nd, 2 pm: Courage Bacchus and Dario Dvon
Saturday, December 2nd, 7 pm: Selecta Sarah and Sebastian Urmom
Sunday, December 3rd, 2 pm: Selecta Sarah and Sebastian Urmom

Thanks to the Metcalf Foundation for their support of VUKA.

Show Dates

December 1st – 3rd, 2023

Running Time: 2 hrs, with intermission


Theatre Passe Muraille (16 Ryerson Avenue)



$12 | $35 | $65

All performances

– Some flashing lights (short lengths of time and only light to medium intensity)


– Sudden noise (door slam) and flash of light within the first 5-10min of the performance

Information Package for VUKA

The Birth of Courage
– Explicit/course language
– Implied violence
– A video depicting the physical assault of Rodney King by the police.
– Implied police brutality
– Visual use of slurs
Darkroom (Selecta Sarah) 
– Explicit/course language
– Mentions of sex
The Voice that Colours the SIlence
– No warnings
At the Dinner Table

– Gender based trauma

Information Package for VUKA

If you would like information on the topics or themes in our productions, or to determine the suggested age for attending a performance, please reach out to our Box Office staff at 416.504.7529 or by email at

Show Descriptions

The Voice that Colors the Silence by Dario Dvon

The Voice that Colors the Silence,” a deeply personal and socially impactful musical by Dario Dvon, eloquently amplifies the narratives of voiceless Black and LGBTQ+ individuals. Rooted in Dvon‘s journey as a queer artist of color, the musical explores themes of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and the intersection of homophobia and racism. Collaborating with a diverse team, Dvon draws on various musical styles to address these important social issues. This project is not just artistically compelling but also socially transformative, providing a platform for difficult conversations and offering a beacon of hope to any individual striving for acceptance and self-expression.’

Rebirth of Courage by Courage Bacchus

A mix of body movement and visual vernacular with sound.

Darkroom by Selecta Sarah

Darkroom is a solitary act of radical self-love and actualization. 30-year-old Stephanie has been hired to be a part of an exhibit that showcases artists’ work throughout major stages of their life. However, to complete her collection, she must confront parts of herself she’s closed off too. Trapped in her darkroom with no reception and upcoming deadline, she brazenly faces her fears to redevelop the connection she once had. Will the dark room reveal her lost parts, or will it continue to hide them forever?

at the dinner table by Sebastian Urmom

What did you learn about the world just from eating with your family. What you’re allowed or not allowed to do? Who had to set it? Who got the biggest portion? Sebastian is fed up and tries to unpack this for us.


Facilitated by
Tsholo Khalema
Tanvi Vyas
Lighting Designer
Sebastian Urmom
Selecta Sarah
Courage Bacchus
Dario Dvon