After Hours Events

Songbook Series

Facilitated and hosted by:
The Family Band

The Songbook Series is a late-night cabaret series. Each event celebrates the work of an artist, group, era or style that had a significant impact on our collective musical history. We invite a variety of musicians and artists from all disciplines to re-imagine that music in their own way. Re-imagination is key—we are NOT looking for a simple acoustic cover.

In past seasons, we featured the music of The Rolling Stones, The Barenaked Ladies, the songs of Disney, Madonna, Elton John, The Beach Boys, Michael Jackson, Musical Couples, the music of 1994. Hear your favourite tunes like you’ve never heard them before!

Body Brake

Produced by: Anandam Dancetheatre in partnership with Theatre Passe Muraille.
Curated by: Brandy Leary/ Anandam Dancetheatre

More dancing, more awesome. Part cabaret, part performance installation, part immersive environment, completely fun!

Combining the energy of a rock concert in an evening of dance, Body Brake freely and irreverently mixes popular, classical and contemporary styles into a large performance party that holds the dancing body in a curious and politically charged spectrum.

Where else can you see Aerial, Contemporary, Ballet, Post Contemporary, Burlesque, Tap, African, Indian, Street Dance, Bondage Performance Art, Parkour and more all in one evening?


Curated by: Art Is Hard
(aka Pip and Rebecca)

Through our curatorship at Crapshoot, we are interested in seeing work that animates spaces while building a sense of community and play. We are also particularly interested in work that explores experiences outside of the conventional theatrical experience.

We are interested in considering work from artists of all disciplines: dance, music, performance, installation, visual arts. Work that engages the audience in an active way will also be considered positively.

WE’RE SO EXCITED TO MEET YOU ALL! We’re looking forward to a thrilling season of new works and new pals.