Toka - A Theatre Passe Muraille & lemonTree creations Co-Production

Toka tells the story of siblings who wrestle with a long-standing land dispute that has resulted in generational death after death, and is threatening to come to a brutal climax. This startling work of physical theatre about modern-day blood feuds in post-Communist Albania, is delicate, evocative and heart-breaking.


Written & Choreographed by

Indrit Kasapi

Directed and Dramaturged by

Cole Alvis

Additional Dramaturgy by

Marjorie Chan, Donna-Michelle St. Bernard

Set Design by

Andjelija Djuric

Lighting Design by

Melissa Joakim

Sound Design by

Maddie Bautista

Composition by

Kejd Kuqo

Costume Design by

Rachel Forbes

Production Manager

Giuseppe Condello


Arlen Aguayo Stewart

Christopher Manousos

Michael Caldwell

Nicole Joy-Fraser

Pulga Muchochoma

William Yong


Pink Poster of Toka. Female character holds both her hands forward, holding them together. stern.

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Brand and Concept Design: Louis Duarte | Photography (poster): Dahlia Katz | Promo Photography: Peter Riddihough

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